"Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to suggest the best alternatives."

Why work with us?


We have over 10 years of experience of working with partners, having a wide experience working together with other companies.

TOPcasas has over 300 property listings along Portugal with a really wide choice of options and price ranges.


Lately It has become even more a common practice for property agents to cooperate with leading marketing companies / estate agents such as TOPcasas Portugal Estate Agents, instead of creating a brand new business. It is also extremely usual nowadays for people to have flexible working arrangements having the opportunity to turn their hobbies into jobs. 

So that's why our door is open to cooperate with any honest and reliable company/person.

As an affiliate of TOPcasas Silver Coast Estate Agents you will receive access to our property database and have an assigned staff member to be in touch with and provide full assistance, you can obtain an xml feed to copy our full property listings to advertise on your site to attract clients.

Plus on the completion of each sale you will receive % to be agreed of the commission made on the property sale.

Our international affiliate programme is aimed at being a successful modern business model, which helps companies stay flexible and still develop their businesses entering new markets. As an affiliate of TOPcasas Portugal Silver Coast Estate Agents we offer the opportunity for companies and individuals to start or develop their own business.

There are plenty of opportunities which are facilitated by the so-called affiliate programme. Why be involved in an international affiliate programme - we see these options as contemporary business development models. 


TOPcasas has partners all around the world in countries like:
- United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, Angola & Russia.


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